About Us

Wolvaardt Incorporated Service Delivery

We apply a methodology which ensures efficient turn- around times and exceptional quality of legal services founded on the following principles:

  • A continuous focus on and commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction.
  • Expertise and competence coupled with client accessibility to Directors and Associates;
  • Ensuring that work is attended to at an appropriate professional level by suitably qualified professional staff.
  • A hands-on approach by Directors applied to all cases. Continuous monitoring of work done by professional assistants and paralegals;
  • Training and continuing education through in-house programmes, seminars and conferences to  continuously improve and to ensure personnel and Directors remain updated on all the relevant changes in legislation and improvements in best practice.

Mandate, Accounting & Invoicing

We are meticulous in our accounting, invoicing and invoicing procedures and we employ the following principles:

  • We are adaptable and will customise our service offering in order to satisfy the unique requirements of each client in as far as billing and accounting procedures are concerned.
  • It is of utmost importance to us to ensure that work is handled at an appropriate professional level and thus at the appropriate fee structure.
  • Thorough and complete director and associate supervision is always ensured.
  • Where costing is done on a “per hour” basis, accurate time logs are kept, and invoices together with progress reports are issued at regular intervals.
  • Where required, the basis on which debiting will take place for a specific matter is discussed with the client beforehand, including the hourly fee rate of the professional or associated professional involved.
  • It is our belief that mutual trust and understanding should form the basis of the professional services rendered by our team.

Executive Associates

WOLVAARDT INC provides flexible access to finding the solutions to the challenges faced by clients and business leaders today. We provide access to a wide range of professional support through the exclusive Executive Associated Network of skilled and experienced professionals and advisors accredited by us. 

The most competent and successful Corporate Directors require the knowledge and experience of top professional advisors in the various categories of business, in order to maximise their growth and profitability, and to survive in the tough market conditions.

We have secured exclusive Confidential Service Provider Agreements with several groups of Trustees, Tax Specialists, Auditors, Executive Associates, Advocates, Attorneys and Consultants. These relationships ensure a high degree of professionalism, confidentiality and trustworthiness which forms the substratum of our commercial relationship with our corporate clients.

Our Core Values

The core values of WOLVAARDT INCORPORATED include:

  • Maintaining high quality standards in all aspects of professional corporate and legal practice.
  • A commitment to client care and service excellence.
  • A dedication to ethical conduct in all relationships with clients, colleagues, executive associates, and authorities.
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